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Designed for success

The human psychological system is designed for success.


When we have thoughts, feelings, reactions that are uncomfortable for us, they will pass and if we don't mess with the system, if we don't try to fix, don’t resist, don’t suppress, then they'll pass through faster.

B-b-but …. “How do I lead, support, care for others if I'm emotionally all over the place like a crazed toddler?” Good question.

When we know that whatever is going on in the moment is just mental 'weather' then we’re not wasting valuable productive bandwidth resisting our thoughts, consciously or subconsciously.

More bandwidth = more clarity and ease.

In that clarity, we see what behaviours will serve. In that ease, emotions pass through faster and cleaner.

In that allowance, the deep okayness of our experience, there is a settling down, and there's room for intuition, for common sense to be heard.

There is something much greater than our patterns of thought that guides us and it is trustworthy.

No real need to get into what that is but it is pragmatic and helpful

to know that we're off the hook, that doing less can allow a greater expression of this quiet power to guide us in our next actions.

That the system is designed for success.

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