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Five-point Strategic Leadership Framework

With the ‘new normal’ operational context starting to become clearer, now is the perfect moment to reinvent, reshape and rethink what we should be doing and HOW, in order to build thriving, impactful organisations


Here’s a five-point Strategic Leadership Framework to help define your priorities and approach:


1. LEAD: (Really) expect the best and (really) plan for the worst


♦ Regularly share your uplifting vision of the future; seek to inspire your team and stakeholders. Stories are powerful

♦ On your own, or with a close trusted group, map out a plan for downsizing / merger / closure. What are the ‘red-flags’ and *realistic* decision-making timeframes? Take the actions that the process will highlight, then file the plan until you need it. Hopefully never.


2. ANTICIPATE: engage with the fast-changing context


♦ Identify key emerging trends and their potential impact on your communities. The will generate fresh ideas and it’s easier than you think!

♦ Engage your Board and team in horizon scanning and simple scenario planning


3. INSPIRE: create a culture that supports your team in their work


♦ To give guidance amidst uncertainty, review or develop Values with your team. 'Mine' existing practices and ways of working (‘when we are great, we x’)

♦ Promote a sense of psychological safety

(guidance here:


4. ALIGN: review your strategy, what you do and how


♦ Map out a strategy development process appropriate to the volatile context. Assess if/when you need long term goals and when working tactical plans

♦ Promote greater agility and ‘fail-safe’ experiments. Identify pilots and emphasise innovation


5. SUSTAIN: manage your personal resilience


Unrealistic expectations can be our undoing in the long term. Note your psychological ‘traffic lights’ over the day to help identify where to focus, e.g.

♦ Green – difficult decisions/communications, complex problems, future planning, inspire and engage

♦ Amber – interact with those who uplift you, work steadily, rest/move

♦ Red – lower your expectations, limit tricky communications, find quiet space, be kind


What have I missed? I'd love to hear what you think!


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