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Look before you leap

Key questions to consider before forming new collaborations

Many of us are looking at the potential for new partnerships and collaborations to optimise our effectiveness and increase social impact. Here's a quick checklist to help you look at every angle before you dive in ... It's a simple yet powerful framework

Look Forward

  • Why collaborate? What's the intended social impact?
  • Why now?

Look Back 

  • What lessons can be learned from past attempts to address this issue? (our efforts and others' efforts)
  • What lessons have we learned from past partnerships or collaborations?

Look Across 

  • What are our untested assumptions and expectations?
  • Assess our potential partner’s motivations, capacities and the risks they present

Look Inward

  • Assess our own motivations, capacities - and the risks of working with us
  • What are our 'lines in the sand'?

Look Around 

  • Consider external stakeholders and their perspective on the collaboration
  • Who are our competitors? Should they be collaborators?

Look Deeply

  • Do we have a genuinely robust, positive process for  working through disagreements? 
  • How reliable are the data and information sources on all sides?

Look Clearly

  • Talk through the collaboration agreement and implications prior to signing
  •  “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler” Review regularly.

Look Again

  • Are we sure this is the most effective approach?
  • When's our next assessment of the collaboration?

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