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The complexity of leadership

Many of us have a point at which the complexity of leadership starts to feel stressful.

We aspire to be good and conscious as leaders, to invite perspectives and opinions, to research and become informed

And at the same time that will challenge our norms, our reality, our feeling of control.

At some stage, we can start to listen to the story of overwhelm and we unconsciously, unintentionally close down again and retreat to our version of the world that feels safer.

Here’s the thing: You’re already, intuitively aware of a lot (a LOT) more than you rationally acknowledge and there’s gold in there.

It’s the closing down to that awareness that feels stressful.

The control is an illusion. Holding onto an illusion can feel stressful...

If we are willing If we allow the situation, the complexity, the things we judge as wrong to be just as they are If we allow ourselves to be just as we are….

If we open to What Is in all its messy glory, its chaos, its humanity, with the uncomfortable sensations that may arise If we acknowledge that’s just our story about the situation – that it’s not inherently true….. Clarity arises.

That allowance is the originating space of innovation and creativity

Of opportunity and inspiration.

Of leadership.

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