The Truth Tool.

Isn’t interesting how leaders don’t tend to ask: is that true?

We might talk about a level of confidence or transparency, but there’s something almost too direct, too naïve and uncouth about wilfully bandying the word true about in the workplace… it’s as if the only alternative is lying - with all of the school playground implications and flashbacks!

But what if truth (small T) is just a pragmatic guiding tool for decision-making and leadership?

We are only ever experiencing our own thoughts about a situation, another person or ourselves. Only ever our own beliefs, opinions, judgements, conclusions, expectations, projections.

That’s as true as it gets….. (In my opinion)

There are many things that we take as implicitly or explicitly true, that are not nearly so solid as they may appear.

It’s not wrong. It’s human.

When we see this, we can hold our perspectives more lightly

We are open to insight and inspiration.

So, is this post true? Nope.

And there is true freedom in that….

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