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  • Are you the leader of a non-profit

    with an important mission?


    Do you have a vision to scale up, to offer even greater value and support?


    And are you facing any of these questions or challenges...

    Strategy & Scale

    How do we develop / refresh the strategy most effectively, at the right pace, with great input and buy-in from the team & Board?

    How do I best manage the overall process to leverage the skills & talents of the team, handle any negativity or naysayers and get to consensus and clarity? How do we structure the Away Day?

    Purpose & Partners

    What are the core activities that we should replicate, should we work with partners? What model or approach should we use to scale?

    How do we keep our vision inspiring and relevant to our team, donors & supporters?

    How do we keep our brand & comms fresh and focused?

    Ideas & Innovation

    How can I stimulate creativity and gather ideas from my team & Board - on an ongoing basis?

    How do I develop my thoughts and ideas in a safe confidential space? Can I find a confidante, a sounding board to stress test my theories, chew over challenges, who will encourage, question, share ideas or advice?

    Culture & Cohesion

    What steps should I take to encourage greater team engagement? How do we walk the talk and share our values with authenticity?

    How do we refresh our ways of working and re-energise for the challenges ahead?

    How do we enter into this partnership with 'eyes open' and make it a success? What can we expect working so closely with another organisation?

    Board Value

    How do I enhance the Board's commitment and input within the limited time that we have together? How can I work better with my Chair? How do we move discussions 'up' a level and where the Board share their expertise through relevant ideas and input? How do I ensure that the Board provide a great return on time invested?

    SMT Collaboration

    How do I facilitate creative challenging, open conversations within a collaborative team?

    How do I pull together diverse perspectives in a respectful creative way?

    How do we manage SMT cohesion and information flows without meeting overload?

    How do I get (x) on-board with the new direction?

  • Hi, I'm Jane, a facilitator & co-creator

    and I'd like to help

    I’m a former aid worker and CEO, with a twenty-year track-record of scaling social impact in challenging, uncertain (sometimes straight-up crazy...) environments. Having developed expertise in strategic leadership coaching and consulting, I now support thoughtful, ambitious leaders to grow resilient, impactful, thriving organizations. Longer blurb if you're interested... below

  • Services

    Usually, we'd scope an approach together, so please do contact me below to chat

    Strategy Development

    Aligning to the Vision

    - Strategy development gaps analysis, roadmap & people plan

    - clarity of endgame & route to scale

    - analysis of external & emerging trends

    - framed with resource & time available and RoI


    & Partnership

    Building Cohesion

    - building a culture of collaboration & positive communication

    - internal & external working agreements

    - consortium and meeting facilitation

    - conscious change management

    Governance as Leadership

    Maximising Value

    - increasing value of Board engagement

    - roadmap to greater support via strategic and generative discussions

    - clarifying roles and help restructuring

    - CEO & Chair working agreements

    Mentoring & coaching leaders

    Conscious Leadership

    - coaching to achieve professional goals

    - support & sounding board for 'tricky' issues

    - overcoming overwhelm & averting burnout

    - space & time for confidential discussion

  • Recent Projects

    Results & testimonials

    Strategy & Scale

    Provided end to end facilitation of a number of strategy development processes for growing non-profits, customising each approach to the need and ambition of the organisation. Supporting CEOs to step back and see the big issues, developing gap analysis, roadmap and people plan to engage the team & Board at each stage of the process and strengthen future planning. Facilitated meetings & workshops at the heart of the process.

    "Your support has way exceeded my expectations, I'm a huge fan - you are so much more than a regular facilitator"

    "The shift in the quality of our strategic thinking has been palpable and much easier than I'd expected."

    Away Day Facilitation

    "This is brilliant. Thank you so much - (your report) marries helpfully with what I took away from the day, but the 'next steps' are much clearer for me - a very helpful map.

    J and K both messaged me to say it was the most positive (Board) meeting they've ever attended, much higher level discussion; the tenor was changed by your presence.
    I also thought your introduction to the day (about) focussing on the strategic elements - was so clear, and your support in the wrap-up section was fantastic to help clarify exactly what was required in terms of next steps and ongoing process.

    Thanks again for all your support. It has made a critical difference to us - and me!"

    Culture & Engagement

    Worked with a new CEO to design a trust-building process in an organisation that had been through a period of tumultuous change. Interviewed the staff team to identify where they felt they added value and their challenges and collated theses in a report with recommendations for action. This ignited a phase of open dialogue and feedback that developed into a much stronger sense of respect and accountability with team members starting to take responsibility as agents of positive change.

    "Although painful at the start, we moved through that faster than I expected! This has been hugely important for us. It's now a more positive and proactive place of work; we can get on with the job!"

    Chair Transition

    Assisted a fast-growing charity to replace the existing Chair and recruit a person better placed to lead the Board through the next phase of organisation development.

    Clarified the aspirations of the Board and CEO regarding their role and the transition to a Governance as Leadership approach thereby requiring a strong strategic thinker.

    Assisted with crafting communications, developed a skills audit, defined a specific Terms of Reference, coached on dealing with Board members who aspired to the position,

    "The transition was very smooth and recruitment process was thoughtful, comprehensive and focussed. He's the perfect Chair for us at this stage, thank you so much"

    CEO Mentoring

    "Jane is flexible, generous and extremely well experienced to support charity leaders... providing sound advice and reflections from her own experience, as well as speaking truth and encouragement"


    "You have a very refreshing perspective; it's both sort of 'deep' and practical! I like the way that you always help me see things differently and find angles that I'd missed"

    'Awake At Night' Issues

    Provided a sounding board and space for a CEO to talk through an issue with a Senior Management Team member who was no longer an asset to the organisation. We focussed the CEO's thinking, facilitated her self-reflection, supported mapping out pros & cons, referred to pro-bono HR & legal services.

    "Thank you. It was such a relief to talk that through clearly and comprehensively, including my own role in the situation. I feel much more confident ... have a clear plan"

    Future Focused

    I'm also the Founder of the Future Purpose Project, whose aim is to help non-profits stay resilient, relevant & impactful by providing clear, pragmatic, efficient tools and support that make it easy to anticipate and create a greater Future. More here.

  • Bio

    a bit more of my story

    Following short careers in the military and in blue-chip corporate management, I spent many years leading large aid projects in Africa and then a decade as a non-profit CEO. I have rapidly grown projects and organisations within challenging contexts, developing and supporting teams across cultures and locations.


    It's been a ride. In the early days, as well as all the amazing experiences and sense of purpose, I experienced burnout and depression. Sometimes, I was talented and high-performing and sometimes, I could be as mad as a box of frogs... I began to spot similar patterns in others, people I respected who were also running great organisations or projects.


    I became increasingly fascinated with our 'human-ness' and what it is to be and deliver at our best, no matter what the environment. So I became a perpetual student of leadership; my Ghetto MBA has encompassed tech trends to systems theory, entrepreneurship to psychology, strategic foresight to spirituality. I’m also a certified Transformative Coach.


    Somewhat inevitably, my curiosity has led me to consultancy, specialising in Strategy Development. I have seen both the gaps (and over-engineering) in many conventions of ‘good practice’ so I co-create alongside leaders, giving equal value to process and psychology, with a clear eye on optimising the return on time and resource invested. Outcomes include greater organisational clarity and our engaging ‘stealth CPD’ approach develops deeper thinking and quality of decision making within the team and Board.


    I speak at workshops internationally, volunteer as Chair of 52 Lives and as a Strategy Advisor with the Foundation for Social Improvement. In real life, I love hiking through woods with a geeky audiobook, get over-excited about quality stationery and have been crowned the World’s Best Ninja Auntie Camp-Builder.

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