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  • Your Vision

    You’re a talented, inspiring leader dedicated to making a sustainable difference for people and planet.

    You’re not in a hurry but make no mistake, you are looking to leave a legacy.
    You also have the belief that you can thrive in all domains of life, not just professionally; in your health and wellbeing, your relationships, in personal growth. You know that your broader fulfilment enriches, inspires and magnifies your contribution to the lives of your team, family and everyone around you.

  • Yet

    ...despite knowing that this should be possible it feels as if you are under-resourced for the scale of your task. You are conflicted - these aspirations, this desire to give your all and make a difference is compromised by a sense of uncertainty and intermittent anxiety. It feels as if there should be more hours in the day to give all of your priorities the attention that they deserve.

    You've noticed a sense of becoming less productive, more irritable and distracted both at work and at home. You are concerned for your physical health and closest relationships.

    You feel as if you are compromising and falling short.

  • I get it. I've been there.

    Hi, I'm Jane.

    My career has been spent leading teams and growing organisations internationally, in complex environments, navigating uncertainty and volatility. I've had the growth and success of work outpace my ability to balance it all and I’ve experienced doubt, overwhelm and burnout in no small measure.


    I started to become curious about the fact that on some days I was talented and high performing and on others, I could be as mad as a box of frogs... As I watched similar patterns play out in others I became increasingly fascinated with our 'human-ness' and what it is to be at our best no matter what the externals.


    The real turnaround came when I realised the extent to which I was innocently operating on autopilot and that habits and conditioned thoughts that I thought were ‘me’ were running unchecked. When things were really tough it turned out that I wasn’t listening to the wiser, intuitive, pragmatic (but quieter) voice in my head.

    Simply put, I discovered a fresh perspective on how the mind works and knowing this brought my behaviours into greater alignment with my most important values, goals and priorities.

    That was a game-changer.

    Since then I have restructured my work in order to share this simple yet radical understanding.

    I am still a CEO, working flexible hours, travelling to an extent that inspires and engages me and committed to global social impact.

    Having trained as a Transformative Coach, I now also guide other leaders to a deeper understanding of the mind's operating system and how to align their behaviours with the impact and legacy that they desire to create. I also speak at workshops and conferences internationally, mentor young non-profit leaders through the Aspire Foundation and I'm a Strategy & Growth advisor at the Foundation for Social Improvement.


    My mission is now to coach and mentor courageous leaders like you to uncover this elusive obvious, so that you look in the mirror and see the brilliance and truth of who you are and what you are capable of achieving, to find clarity and freedom - and to know the overwhelm is an illusion.

  • Offerings

    One to One

    Inspiring insight

    I ground my one-to-one and group work in the Transformative Coaching (or inside-out) methodology.
    Instead of just tackling the 'surface' issue, together we create space for transformation, insight and a shift in how you view your experience. What emerges is fresh new thinking, innovative ideas, solutions to problems, the capacity to overcome obstacles and the means to create whatever you are inspired to create. This 'indirect' approach produces a long-term sustainable shift in how we think, not just what we think, and builds resilience and resourcefulness.


    Retreats, workshops etc.

    Love & Clarity Retreat


    March 10th-17th

    Near Granada, Spain


    There will be fabulous yoga, delicious food, wonderful company

    and the heart of the retreat is a series of

    deep, quiet, transformative conversations.
    No advice, no tools & techniques, no fixing masquerading as healing.

    Please click here



    message me to stay informed about all events

    Online Courses

    Understanding People

    I'm currently offering a


    five part video series with a follow up webinar / coaching session.


    5 ways to unlock...

    your inspiring presence

    your clarity, creativity and connection

    your grace under pressure

    your ease in dealing with difficult people

    your insightful, clear, creative thinking

    your natural, effortless, conscious leadership


    Please click here for more information.

    VIP Intensives

    Going Deeper

    I also host VIP intensives for 2-3 days in London, beautiful South Devon or Southern Spain.

    I will guide you to notice

    where you could let yourself off the hook, do less, strive less

    and to let go of ideas, beliefs and thoughts that stop you from living in well-being and brilliance.

    Your quiet, open mind is the place where the

    best ideas, decisions and inspired actions come from.

    2-3 days together allows a deep dive into this space of possibilities ...


    Only open to existing clients. Please contact me for more details.

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  • Questions

    Please also see my credentials & 'How to choose a coach' video below

    I don't have the time

    The approach I use is subtractive, there is no need to make your life more complicated or busy by adding more tools or practices. In fact that is deeply unhelpful unless you are inspired to from your own insights.

    I'm unimpressed with 'coaching'

    Me too. Honestly, I never really had time for most coaching techniques before I met folks who understood this approach and genuinely offered something new. It's not obvious, yet it's authentic and it's effective.

    I'm unimpressed by you

    Cool. See the 'How to choose a coach' video below for some ideas about finding the right person for you.


    If you want free coaching try here:


    What do you cost?

    Well that depends (of course!) For personal one to one coaching I have limited availability. It's £1250 for ten sessions. I have lower rates for non-profit leaders. Events & online offers vary.

  • How to choose a coach

    Five minute video

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    A sentence or two describing this item.

  • Credentials

    Training & Certification

    Transformative Coaching Certificate, Supercoach Academy, Los Angeles
    innovative and intensive training headed by Michael Neill, an expert in many self development methodologies who now bases his Transformative Coaching programme on 'Three Principles' (or 'inside-out') understanding.

    Personal Performance Diploma, The Coaching Academy, London
    The Coaching Academy is now the largest training organisation of its kind in the world. The standard for life and perfomance coach qualifications. International Coaching Federation accredited training.

    Life Coach Certificate,

    Dr Amy Johnson, Michigan.
    Amy Johnson is a psychologist and specialist in breaking addictions and habits.

    She bases her Life Coaching programme on 'Three Principles' (or 'inside-out') understanding.

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