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Strategic Leadership for Social Good

Consulting | Mentoring | Facilitation

Are you the leader of a non-profit or purpose-led organisation looking to take the next big step?

Hello, I'm Jane

I help optimistic, ambitious CEOs and senior leaders transform non-profit and purpose-led organisations.
Over two decades as an aid-worker, CEO and consultant, I’ve built a wealth of experience scaling social change in complex, uncertain environments.
I’ve supported over a hundred leaders across the UK, US, Australia and Africa to navigate strategic leadership opportunities with clarity, confidence and compassion.



Specialising in strategy and organisational development


For CEOs and senior leaders, individually or as teams


For clarity and cohesion from important gatherings

About Me


Past experience

At the start of my career, I spent a decade leading aid and development programmes in amazing parts of the globe; and I noticed I could be both talented and high-performing, and sometimes as mad as a box of frogs… so I became fascinated by leadership and psychology, and how we can be at our best, no matter the externals.

Back in the UK as a CEO, I led three complex, fast-growing non-profits and learned (sometimes the hard way) about organisational dynamics and the dance between people, process and purpose.

I studied widely and found myself mentoring peers and colleagues until all the threads wove together and I made the transition to consultancy focussing on strategy and leadership.


My current role

My favourite job title is ‘co-creator’ as my approach is highly collaborative and I can move between the roles of

  • Consultant in strategy and organisational development

  • Mentor, occasional coach and trusted advisor

  • Facilitator, sometimes trainer and guide 

I LOVE this work. Every day, I continue to be inspired by the complexities of strategic leadership and the joy of co-creating with colleagues who are building a better world.

Random bits
I’m a qualified Transformative Coach, a Fellow of the RSA, a member of the Association of Business Psychologists and the International Association of Facilitators. I'm also Chair of 52 Lives

Outside my day job, I'm a certified qi gong instructor, a student of non-duality and reiki practitioner.


I live on the edge of West London in a flat with huge windows that overlook the trees of my local park and my idea of a crazy good time involves wandering around in nature with my favourite people or podcast. 

Jude, Charity CEO

“I keep coming back to Jane because she is the best at getting right into the thorny problems I face as a CEO and helping me sort them out.

I always feel the challenges are surmountable after working with her.” 
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