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The value of mentoring

​Mentoring supports the busy CEOs I work with to reflect on leadership challenges and opportunities, think strategically, share doubts or concerns, and map a clear path forward.


In my view, a good mentor moves easily between sharing their experience and advice, and holding an open space for reflection, creativity and insight.

Mentoring can provide

  • valuable reflection time

  • clarity of purpose and direction

  • renewed confidence to address ‘tricky issues’

  • new insights, ideas and awareness

  • tools, techniques and strategies

  • practical solutions for immediate implementation

Why me?

I’ve been CEO for three non-profit organisations and have first-hand experience of the highs and lows of leading fast-growing organisations in complex, uncertain environments. I understand the sense of responsibility - and sometimes the isolation and frustration - that comes with purpose-driven leadership.

I’ve mentored leaders from a wide range of organisations for over ten years and together we’ve unravelled the big issues relating to people, strategy, Boards, finances, change and resilience.​

How it works

I mentor CEOs who are looking to move (either themselves or their organisation) to the next level.


Types of questions we might explore together include:

  • How do I encourage my senior leadership team to collaborate directly and closely, rather than run everything through me?

  • There’s a person who I’m having some difficulties with, it’s not so much their performance as their attitude… how do I deal with this?

  • How can I better support the Board to add more value and be more strategic?

  • When and how should we review our strategy?

  • There’s just SO much to do. Where do I focus my energy and attention when I don’t have the people to delegate to?

  • I’d like my team to feel more empowered – how do I encourage them to feel greater ownership?

  • We’re expanding with a large new project. Should I restructure?

I usually recommend six to twelve monthly sessions depending on your needs and interest.


Please get in touch with me below if you’d like to explore the possibilities.



Vicki, Senior Leader, Social Enterprise

“I work in a very fast-paced medium-sized organisation, where my role as a senior leader requires me to provide strategic oversight, as well as operational delivery. Jane has provided a valuable outlet for me to talk through my frustrations and challenges, asking insightful questions to help me understand the issues I am experiencing. She works with my personality, unique business challenges, and working environment to offer a unique blend of ideas and solutions to give me more structure and control.
I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Jane; her style and manner are kind and generous. I feel she has a person-centered approach and is always well-researched and highly knowledgeable in her advice and guidance.” 
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