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Better Work


The need

In recent years, many organizations have recognized the importance of being more agile and adaptive in their decision-making and responsiveness to external changes. In addition, the rise of hybrid working has highlighted the practical as well as ethical need for improved collaboration, communication, and inclusion within teams.

Better Work is about embracing a "people positive" approach to organizational development. It focuses on refining how teams work together day-to-day, strengthening communication systems, and fostering a positive culture that encourages collaboration, innovation, and adaptability.


How I help

For leaders, the ‘soft stuff is often the hard stuff’ so my role involves working with organisations to develop new approaches to

Meetings - Improving meeting structures to maximize collaboration potential.

Decision-making - Implementing transparent, collaborative, and decentralized decision-making processes that empower individuals and teams.

Experimentation and learning - Creating a culture of continuous learning and experimentation, emphasizing inclusion and psychological safety for feedback and growth.

Leadership - Encouraging leadership at all levels, creating processes for all of the team to contribute and evaluate ideas and proposals

Transparency - Fostering a culture of open communication, transparency, and information sharing, enabling better decision-making and more efficient working.

I often start by supporting the Senior Leadership Team to lay the groundwork by developing the necessary skills and confidence to explore these adaptive approaches, create intentional practices, and embrace a feedback-driven culture.



Taking step-by-step actions to introduce progressive ways of working can drive a significant shift in organisational mindset and culture resulting in

•    increased agility and responsiveness to external changes 
•    continuous learning and leadership at all levels that enhances innovation and development of projects and services
•    strong team relationships, inclusivity, psychological safety, and employee satisfaction
•    efficient information flow and streamlined processes

All of which can contribute to more sustainable social impact.


Please contact me below for a no-obligation chat about your organisation's situation and needs.

See this page for an overview of my strategy development consulting services.

Hannah, Foundation Programme Manager

“As a funder, it is clear to see the impact of Jane's work. Picking out some highlights I would say - the mindset shift with members of the board - there is so much more structure being embedded into this organisation - a significant impact on the team and culture - the organisation seems more steady, stable and in a stronger position.
I have enjoyed working with Jane so much, she catalyses change in a diplomatic, fair way whilst getting the job done.” 
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