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The benefits of facilitation

My role as a facilitator is simple; to help a group such as a Senior Leadership Team or Board do their best thinking together.

In my experience, facilitation can bring


  • meetings that are more productive and focused on change

  • clearer, better, faster, inclusive, collaborative decisions

  • participatory decision-making that gets everyone on the same page

  • clear outputs, actions and accountabilities

  • resolution of disagreement and support to overcome dysfunctional or negative dynamics

  • freedom for all participants to work on the content rather than process of the meeting

  • a safe democratic space that enables everyone to feel comfortable contributing, ensuring the meeting isn’t dominated by ‘the usual suspects’

  • clarifying, objective and insightful questions that surface what is not being said where it’s helpful to do so


My approach

I’m aware that many of the strategy and organisational development projects I engage in have the potential to bring leadership teams closer in understanding and respect. In many cases, they are often Big Topics, and issues or tensions that have been ‘bubbling’ may surface.

As such, I spend time understanding the purpose, people, and sometimes ‘politics’ behind the gathering and I will tailor my approach accordingly, be it online or in-person, drawing on tools and frameworks or a more conversational approach.

If you have an important meeting or process you’d like to run smoothly, drop me a note in the contact box below.

Stephen, Social Enterprise CEO


Just a quick note to thank and congratulate you on yesterday's fantastic facilitation job. The day ran like clockwork and garnered a level of contribution and engagement that surpassed even my highest expectations.

it gives us some great ideas to draw upon for both medium and longer-term planning.

Fabulous job."
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